Vintage Fashion Jackets

Yes, that’s right, the plaid is the jacket of the moment. Cosmo tells how he became and reveals the tricks to get him. Check it out!

It was he, Lenny Kravitz, the first to wear a blanket on the street braving the ridicule. Certainly more than a blanket was a mega sciarpona, but so bigger than him looking over just the idea of a heavy plaid thrown on the shoulders. And that time, networked all to quip, to comment, to share.

Vintage Fashion Jackets

After A year or so, the weather gave reason to the multi-faceted American rocker. The fashion of the blanket over his shoulders rages among teenagers and others, so much so that Cosmo America has dedicated to this trend a tutorial explaining how to drappeggiarsela in 12 different ways without being a source of insults.

Here another How-to interesting found on the net for bomber mens, proof that the blanket is a leader not just within the reach of all, but you can learn how to put it in style flaunting even a certain casualness.

Men Bomber Jackets

The point is that in a way not seen scarves with foggia, but real throw, perhaps stolen from her aunt’s couch, that sorted it properly soon trendsetter.

If we haven’t yet convinced, and still on the subject of extravagant measures, you should know that even the super-blogger aka Miss 5 million Followers Chiara Ferragni was spotted a few days ago while wearing casually a mega crochet scarf by Spanish designer Del Pozo, the designer of the moment.

Not to mention Brian Boy, fashion bloggers and influencers of worship seen with blanket and apron Gladiator model home: more than spotted, “spontex” …

Proving that ravage the old houses is fashionable, How about the spectacular quilt revisited by Alexander McQueen during the spring summer 2016?

Then what are you waiting to see Grandma’s sofa and throw yourself? Although, admittedly, one of the cutest ways and fun bring a blanket remains that of sweet and insecure Linus. He Yes, flair.



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